Friday, June 1, 2012

Does Guam Sucks?

I'm interested in moving to Guam per nice weather, closer to Philippines, etc but am hearing lots of bad things like:

Terrible drugs problems especially ICE.
Chinese are locals but don't hire locals.
Polluted unsafe beaches--really sucks if true
Cause nice beaches would seem to be a major attraction
Lots of crime and you need bars on your house windows, etc
Terrible public schools
Terrible hospital
Lots of stray dogs
People just dump stuff like refrigerators, etc
Terribly Nepotism per getting jobs, etc
Terrible drug problems

We live in Oregon. Being on Guam however would put my Filipino wife much closer to her family in the PI. I think I could get some kind of government job on Guam.

Thanks much!

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illegit said...

I am military and live on Guam. I live off base.

Do not move to Guam. The list of bad things you wrote is true.

Guam is an American version of the Philippines, but with California prices or higher.

To be clear, I am talking about the bad areas in the Philippines.

The weather sucks. It is hot and humid all the time with no let up. Why you would leave Oregon weather for this place is beyond me? Unless you are inland, and even then...

It is so humid you must use AC all the time or your home will mold. Not exaggerating.

The roads are bad, there is a lot of nepotism, the place looks trashy, the schools off base are bad, there is little law enforcement...even the tourist hotels catering to the Japanese are low quality.

It could all be somewhat excusable if it was cheap. Then it would be like the Philippines.

However, due to the military and other factors, Guam is really expensive. Good luck finding quality supermarkets off base at decent prices. Gasoline off base is close to 5 dollars a gallon, milk is 4-8 bucks a gallon, etc...

There are many places just as beautiful as Guam but much cheaper, and with higher quality. The Philippines can be a lot nicer and cheaper; why not just go there?

Even the night life is weird here. Good luck finding regular diners like in the states. Say you want a burger at 10 PM, with a coke, no drinks, nothing crazy. It is really hard to find that here.

It is either strip clubs and some bars in tourist land....or nothing.

Finally, Guam is a place that requires a car. Portland, San Francisco, and NYC are places in the states where it is nice because you don't need a car. Here, it is car culture to the max.

Fakamorro Us said...

I agree ... Lots of nepotisme, corruption, drugs, high prices and high humidity.

I recommend place like where I come from which is the Phillipines.

Permai Lindal said...

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Permai Lindal said...

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Permai Lindal said...

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