Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Which Browser is the Best?

Which browser is best?

Good question. It may come down to preference. Each browser has strengths and weaknesses. Chrome has the largest and most useful selection of apps, extensions, and a rapid release update schedule. Other browsers, however, are upping their game. Now, Opera and Firefox offer similar frequent updates and IE 11 out-preforms Chrome on Sunspider’s benchmark standards. The bottom line is this, we’re in an era where the most minimal and modular browser reins supreme. Chrome still the leanest and most app ready browsing experience. IE, Firefox, and Opera have narrowed its lead significantly, each offering new features that can better accommodate some users needs. According to our benchmark tests alone, Mozilla Firefox is the best option for speed and managing highly-interactive webpages. For the first time in a long time we can’t claim a strong victor here. All major browsers offer a solid browsing experience with few downsides.

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